The impossible is done right away,
miracles may take a while.

Unmögliches wird sofort erledigt,
Wunder dauern etwas länger.

What we do

We optimize, extend, automate and link your existing systems, so that you save time, money, energy and errors!

dot labs offers you tailor-made solutions, for extending your existing software and getting more use from it as well as for new developments. Whether it is about extending Microsoft® Excel® to automatically query live stock prices, about adding a missing feature to your webshop or about linking the existing accounting, purchasing and warehouse management together, we are on the scene! By utilizing a broad skill portfolio which spans from automating websites through API development and integration to low-level debugging, we are able to cope with almost any base scenario and improve third-party software, without requiring you to replace your existing systems. We are also happy to analyze how you or your employees use software, and we will show you new and previously unrecognized opportunities for optimization.



Software soll nicht nur funktionieren, sondern die individuellen Erwartungen erfüllen.

Software should not just work properly, it should also fulfill individual expectations.



Durch Verringerung von repetitiven Arbeitsschritten lassen sich Fehler vermeiden und Geld einsparen.

By reducing repetitive work steps it is possible to avoid errors and save money.



Wir verbessern nicht nur Bestehendes, sondern erschaffen auch Neues - ganz nach Wunsch.

We can not only improve what is already there, but also create something new - as you wish.



Web & mobile development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript plus Frameworks, node.js/Express, PHP, Lua, Ruby, Python, Swagger/OpenAPI, … Desktop development: C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, FreeBasic, JavaScript with Electron or WSH, Delphi, NSIS, Inno Setup, … Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, … Cloud services: Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Beanstalk, S3, SES, …), Microservices, Horizontal scaling, … Low-level debugging and RE: WinDbg, OllyDbg, x86/x64 Assembler, Sysinternals Tools, Wireshark, … Automation and customization: Browser extensions, Userscripts, Bookmarklets, PhantomJS/CasperJS, WinAPI & .NET UI Automation, DLL injection, Window subclassing, API hooks, Loaders, Binary patching, Microsoft® Detours, … Hardware & IoT: Arduino, AVR, Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth beacons, …

Who we are

A team is only as powerful as its members - that is what we rely on.

Small but mighty - that is probably the best way to put it. We are a creative and dynamic team of motivated people. We don't just promise flat hierarchies, we live them. Respectful cooperation without pressure is part of our company philosophy. Every voice counts and every idea is valuable. Over the years, we grew into our specific fields of expertise with enthusiasm and passion. dot labs emphasizes the importance of each team member being able to develop their skills and individually improve themselves.

  • Wir sind dot labsWe are dot labs
  • David Trapp
  • Nina Wögerbauer
  • Fabian Frauscher
  • Peyman Aparviz

David Trapp

David Trapp
The Boss

Nina Wögerbauer

Nina Wögerbauer
Hardcore Problem Solver
(Project Manager)

Fabian Frauscher

Fabian Frauscher
Bug Hunter
(Software Tester)

Peyman Aparviz

Peyman Aparviz
Junior Elite Hacker
(Multi-Platform Developer)

Where we are

dot labs GmbH
Jakob-Haringer-Straße 3/E04
5020 Salzburg, Austria